Color wars: hit and run

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Color wars: hit and run

Post by BiogeneticBamboo on Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:52 pm

I will be starting the first game on this forum, and it's called color wars. It's based on another game I once played.
Here are the rules:
1: There are four colors (at least for the first game because this is kind of a test run, feel free to suggest new colors for the next round): Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. They each start with 16 points.
2: To make a color group lose a point, you have to hit them. The point that group lost, can be given to another team. expample: Hit Red, give blue
3: You can only do this 3 times a day
4: If a color group runs out of points, it will be eliminated
5: Last group standing wins

Current standings:
Red: 16
Blue: 16
Green: 16
Yellow: 16

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