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Rules: Please read first

Post by BiogeneticBamboo on Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:24 pm

Hello, welcome to this forum! I'm glad you joined!
Before you can start though, I would suggest you to read these rules:

1: Please be polite and friendly: This especially counts when reviewing someone's artwork, you are allowed to criticize someone's work but you have to stay friendly and you're also not allowed to say something like: 'your work is the most horrible thing I've ever seen', because that doesn't help the artist grow at all, and that's the main goal of this website: to help artists grow.
2: Do not spam the forums: If someone catches you doing this, you will have to suffer the consequenses. Spamming is unnecessary and ruins the fun for others.
3: You are allowed to advertise yourself (like posting the link to your deviantart, tumblr,... ) but only in the correct topics, and also as the above rule states no spamming, if I see you posting things like 'check my youtube channel out' in every topic you will get a warning, if you keep doing it it might lead to a temporary ban
4: Is there anything you don't like about the forum! Tell us in the suggestions/complaints forum! But again, please stay polite.
5: Post in the right topics, off-topic discussions should be left in the off-topic forums, and stuff like that. If there's an incorrectly placed post, you will be asked to move it to the correct forum.
6: The admin of this forum is not responsible for any commissions with money. This means, if someone sells you artwork but it turns out to be a scam, I will not be held responsible for this. I will watch out to see if any of this happens though and the person who is a scam will be banned. This can be avoided by not doing any of these though, but I will still get a forum for it. Just please be careful.

That's all for now, please check in once in a while though in case things get updated! For any questions regarding becoming a mod please go to the other topic in this forum.

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Art-Z :: General :: Rules

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